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A movement to support the creation of a regenerative world

Feeling overwhelmed by the crises around you? 

Want to make a difference and regain a sense of empowerment? 

Ready to start with yourself and be part of the solution?

We guide you from societal helplessness and loneliness toward empowerment and connectedness.

Sustainability is not enough anymore, we need Regeneration 

We need to change the way we treat ourselves, others and nature to a more holistic way.

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Our Vision

We want to live in a world where people are committed to a regenerative lifestyle for the benefit of their own lives, living beings and the future generations.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Discover the driving force behind the Regenerable Movement. We're a team united by a shared passion for sustainability and regeneration, committed to creating a brighter future. Explore our collective impact and join us in regenerating tomorrow.

How we support you on your journey

Explore our diverse range of offerings, designed to inspire, educate, and empower you on your journey towards a regenerative and sustainable lifestyle.


Regenerable Podcast

Join our podcast as we embark on a transformative journey to educate, inspire, and unearth fresh insights about regeneration, paving the way for a more sustainable and regenerative future.

Ei App

Regenerable App

Our innovative app empowers individuals to cultivate regenerative habits through engaging and enjoyable experiments, making sustainable living a delightful adventure.



Regenerable Hub Events

We gather change-makers and visionaries to spark regenerative ideas, foster collaboration, and catalyze positive impact for a brighter, more sustainable future.


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Our Mission

Create a movement of people that develops, collects and shares   information about regenerative habits for people and organisations to support the change to a regenerative lifestyle.

Regenerative Habits

A regenerative habit is a habit that has to strengthen the executing system and the systems interacting with it. 

An example of such a habit would be to take a short walk in the forest so that the person can relax and thus in turn have a strengthening influence on other people in the environment (society) and their other decisions such as consumption (economy, ecology).


People become more aware of behaviors harmful to themselves and their environment by engaging in regenerative habits.

Addressing the underlying needs of coping mechanisms and beginning healing work for these wounded inner parts leads to letting go of damaging behaviors and taking up regenerative habits

People with increasingly regenerative habits inspire their environment through their change and thus have a positive impact on the economy, society and ecology.

This domino effect leads to a holistic change towards a world that is oriented towards regeneration and people can solve the great challenges of our time together.

Our Values

Our Principles

1 / Shift from outer growth to inner growth

Humans want to develop by growing. Healthy growth takes place mainly on the inside and not on the outside.​

2 / Start by changing yourself​

Sustainable change in the world comes from humans who start to reflect and evolve their own lifestyle.​

3 / Quality before quantity​

Prefer high-quality solutions before going for quantity. ​

4 / Consider longterm effects of acting​​

Think not only about the short-term benefits of actions, but also about the long-term impact.​

5 / Empathy instead of judgement​

Build empathy by understanding people to prevent judging.​

6 / Take a holistic view on the whole system​

Look at everything as part of a larger system and consider the impact of changes to the system.​


It all starts with us as human beings who have a huge potential to initiate the change in our own lives that we want to see in the world. Each individual has an influence on the society, economy and ecology. The more individuals change their lifestyle, the bigger is the impact on all those areas and the faster we can create the regenerative world that we want to live in.



When people start to change their own habits to be more regenerative, it will also impact their way of working and consuming. Organisations start to become more regenerative and contribute their part to the regenerative shift.

Schöne Natur


Regenerative habits lead to a more conscious interaction with nature. It helps to rebalance the ecology by shifting from destroying to renaturing.



Humans that behave in a regenerative way have a positive impact on the society in many different aspects like reducing health care cost, becoming more resilient and also influencing the political system with new ideas. 

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You are interested and want to become a member of the movement to support the creation of a regenerative world.

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